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Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 303-420-6752
Homelessness Programs Hotline: 303-467-2604 

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Family Tree Roots of Courage (formerly Women in Crisis): 

Emergency Residential Services for Domestic Violence Survivors


(confidential location)

24-hour crisis line: (303) 420-6752
Administration: (303) 420-0412
Fax: (303) 420-0516
Division Director: Deb Bittner

The purpose of Family Tree Roots of Courage (ROC), formerly Women In Crisis, is to keep victims safe from domestic violence by providing a 24-hour crisis line, emergency residential facility, safety planning, advocacy, community resources, health care and other supportive services.

Residential and Support Services:
Providing a confidential place to stay is just one component of the Roots of Courage residential facility program.  Food and shelter are the most basic needs we address.  As important, and sometimes more important, are the emotional needs that are addressed during a survivor's stay in the residential facility.  Advocacy, support, information, and community resources all provide the foundation that survivors need to make courageous decisions to be safe.  Through one-on-one advocacy and support groups, survivors are given the opportunity to learn about domestic violence, the effects it has on their lives, and how to plan for their safety.

Vouchers from the Treasure Trunk Thrift Store allow clients to gather necessary items for their life in and ultimately out of shelter.  Through the Safe Clinic, an on-site health clinic, women and children have the opportunity to receive health care services free of charge, including referrals to outside health care resources for when they leave the shelter.

Who to Refer:
It is the intent of ROC to make shelter services available to all battered survivors and their children who request shelter who are in imminent danger from their intimate partner.  When ROC is at capacity, advocates will make every effort to contact other agencies to find safe space for the caller.

Family Tree Roots of Courage defines domestic violence as personal, intimate partner violence.  Unfortunately, because of the general lack of bed space specifically designed for those who need a safe, confidential location, we are not able to serve everyone who needs a safe place and crisis services, such as homeless persons, severelly mentally ill persons, or persons whose family is in conflict, but who do not need to be hidden from a violent intimate partner or ex-partner.

Shelter services are accessible and welcoming to lesbians, persons who are transgendered, and persons with disabilities who fall within eligibility guidelines.

To Make A Referral:
Family Tree Roots of Courage offers a 24-hour crisis line, (303) 420-6752, for survivors of domestic violence.  The best way for agencies to make a referral to ROC is to have the survivor call the crisis line to speak with an advocate.  The advocate will complete a phone assessment with the caller to make sure the shelter services are appropriate for the caller's needs.  The advocate will then offer safety planning, referrals to other agencies that may help with other needs, and assist with a plan to arrive at the shelter safely.  If our services are not appropriate for the caller, the advocate will help with safety planning and referrals to other agencies that may be able to help.




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