Treasure Trunk Community Thrift Store

Treasure Trunk Thrift store has closed permanently.

Family Tree has made the very difficult decision to close Treasure Trunk thrift store permanently. Treasure Trunk opened 40 years ago to be a donation clearing house, to meet client need and to generate additional profit to support Family Tree programs.  

The past several years have proven extremely challenging to meet necessary store revenue goals, while expenses continue to rise. At this time, with continued mounting losses, we are unable to determine a viable path forward that will create sustainable store operations now, and into the future.  

The Treasure Trunk team has worked hard to serve Family Tree clients and the community. We take great pride in the impact the thrift store made by helping meet client needs for the past four decades.  

Thank you to all who have donated and shopped at Treasure Trunk. We are especially grateful for our Treasure Trunk volunteers, some of whom have volunteered every week for five years or more.  

Family Tree is intent on continuing to meet the needs of people looking to Family Tree for help on their journey to safety, stability and healing. We are in the process of making plans to help address client needs as Treasure Trunk has been an important resource for many years.    

This was a very difficult, but unfortunately, necessary decision. The store closure does not take away from the valuable and important role it has played in our community for so many years. 

If you have questions, please reach out to Katherine Lawson. 




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