Roots of Courage New Name for Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter

Tirzah Stein | March 7, 2019

Roots of Courage

Family Tree is pleased to announce the name change of Women In Crisis, the domestic violence emergency shelter, to Roots of Courage. This change is part of a continuing effort to be more inclusive and focused on empowerment for those served by Family Tree. Shelter director Tirzah Stein, explains the need for this change.


  1. What services does Roots of Courage, formerly Women In Crisis, offer to clients?

“The purpose of Roots of Courage (ROC) is to help keep survivors safe from domestic violence by providing a 24-hour crisis line, emergency shelter, safety planning, advocacy, community resources, health care and other supportive services.

Providing a confidential place to stay is just one component of the ROC shelter program. Food and shelter are the most basic needs addressed by what we do. As important, and sometimes more important, are the emotional needs that are addressed during a survivor's stay in the shelter. Advocacy, support, information, and community resources all provide the foundation that survivors need to make courageous decisions to be safe. Through one-on-one advocacy and support groups, survivors are given the opportunity to learn about domestic violence, the effects it has on their lives, and how to plan for their safety.”


  1. Why is renaming the shelter important?

“We felt it was very important to rename the shelter because our previous name, Women In Crisis, did not accurately represent the services we provide and the population we serve. We recognize the significance of having a name that is not only aligned with Family Tree’s mission and philosophy to be inclusive of all gender identities, but one that shares a positive, powerful and uplifting message.”


  1. How will this change influence Family Tree ROC clients?

“We hope that changing the name from Women In Crisis to Roots of Courage more survivors who access Family Tree services. We know not everyone experiencing domestic violence, relates to “being in crisis,” and not all survivors are female identified. Family Tree is committed to be inclusive and welcoming of everyone. We hope the Roots of Courage name empowers survivors to seek services and help folks feel welcome and accepted.


  1. What else should we know about Family Tree?

“Wow! There’s a lot we do. For starters, Family Tree works alongside people affected by child abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness throughout their journey to safety and economic independence. Family Tree provides emergency residential services, case management and advocacy, therapeutic services, outreach support, housing search and placement, education and employment support, among many other services. By leveraging a deeper, broader, and more holistic array of life-changing services and programs, Family Tree empowers individuals and families to discover their own strengths to create lasting, positive change.”