Treasure Trunk Community Thrift Supports Family Tree Programs

Rebekah Hawthorne | August 2, 2019

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In 2013, I relocated to Colorado and did some hard thinking about what I wanted to do next, career-wise. I have always been a heavy thrift shopper and have a strong background in customer service, so it made sense to find work at a thrift store. I found the Treasure Trunk Community Thrift Store Manager position online, and a friend of mine, a former Family Tree employee, heavily endorsed the job. It was ideal: A small, community-based thrift store with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

“Community Based” is an unfamiliar phrase for most, but what it means is simple: Our donations come from the local community, and our benefits are extended in this same community. Most national chain thrift stores donate a portion of their profits. At Treasure Trunk Community Thrift, every item and every dollar earned benefits Family Tree. It’s a very direct way to give. We serve thousands of families each year and our clients shop for free, receiving much-needed clothing and household goods. Last year, Family Tree clients redeemed $43,583 of vouchers as they prepared for a new start.

Beyond the impact on Family Tree, shopping at thrift stores encourages and develops a recycling community. Treasure Trunk Community Thrift makes the most of every donation, and recycles whenever possible. We recycle five tons – 10,000 pounds – of cloth every month! This recycling is essential, by reusing and repurposing items, we keep clothing out of landfills and earn money to support Family Tree’s life-changing programs.

Help celebrate this amazing program on Saturday, August 17th from 10:00am – 4:00pm at Family Tree Treasure Trunk for National Thrift Store Day! There will be special sales, games and more to mark the occasion. Bring a friend and you can receive an extra stamp on your shopper card!

You can support Family Tree Treasure Trunk all year by shopping or donating. See our guidelines and more information about Family Tree Treasure Trunk here.