Vehicle Donations

Hands of the Carpenter Logo

Hands of the Carpenter (Hands) is Family Tree’s trusted partner to manage and coordinate vehicle donations.

The relationship with Hands of the Carpenter allows Family Tree to expand the options available to donors and clients when donating a vehicle. Hands of the Carpenter provides automobile placement, repair and maintenance in an effort to relieve the enormous financial burden and related distress that automobile repair puts on the people we serve. 

Donated vehicles may be repaired and provided to a Family Tree client, recycled for cash to support vehicle donations/vehicle repair or for direct cash contributions to Family Tree. Hands will provide vehicle maintenance and car care services to Family Tree clients. 

Once a vehicle is donated, Hands will make decisions on vehicle disposition based on factors such as work needed, value, mileage, age and brand/model.

Hands of the Carpenter provides free towing and will gladly work with you on your donation of your car, truck, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle (RVs, boats, etc.).

For more information, please call 303-403-5883 or complete the form below. The IRS permits you to take a charitable tax deduction on your federal income tax return for the gross sale of your vehicle. If the gross sale of the vehicle is greater than $500, the IRS will expect you to fill out Form 8283, “Non-cash Charitable Contributions.”