Host & Reception Assistant

Key Responsibilities

  • Create a welcoming environment while greeting and assisting clients upon their arrival at Karlis Family Center or on the telephone.
  • Engage children in playful activities while they are in the reception area and help maintain cleanliness of the center.
  • Hosting the waiting area, which includes helping children feel comfortable, maintaining a safe environment, and notifying specialists and counselors when clients arrive.
  • Answering the telephone and transferring the caller to appropriate extension as well as providing referrals.
  • Supervising children three months to 12 years of age while they are waiting in the reception area.
  • Helping children to understand appropriate behavior for indoor and outdoor play, and interactive play with other children.
  • Supervising children’s use of the computer.
  • Assisting with maintaining cleanliness of center, for example, empty the trash.

Initial Impact

  • Our organization’s constituents will receive premier service and be connected with the best Family Tree staff member to meet their needs.

Sustained Outcome

  • Host and Reception Assistant will demonstrate the value of effective volunteer engagement and attract additional volunteers that can help build Family Tree’s capacity.
  • This role will help Karlis Family Center and CentrePoint staff to fulfill strategic priorities.

Training & Support

  • We ask each volunteer to attend the following trainings led by Family Tree experts: Volunteer Orientation, Domestic Violence Symposium and Homelessness 101.
  • Host/Reception Assistant will have additional training from Karlis Family Center staff.


  • The Host/Reception Assistant is expected to be available for 3-6 months, 4 hours per week during evenings and/or weekends.


  • Completion of volunteer orientation and background check.
  • The volunteer will act in a non-discriminatory manner toward all clients, regardless of age, sex, race, national origin, religion, physical handicap, political affiliations, social or economic status, affliction preference, or choice of lifestyle.
  • Sufficient knowledge of conditions that may require the use of our facility, i.e. domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, chemical dependency, and/or mental illness.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Must be dependable – when scheduled to volunteer, must honor commitment and understand the consequences of calling in or no-showing for a shift.
  • Must have good judgment, maturity, common sense, and a high degree of responsibility.
  • Fulfill initial training and orientation process requirements.
  • Satisfy mandatory follow up training requirements including, but not limited to the Domestic Violence training.


  • Becoming part of the Family Tree team, providing solutions for families in crisis to become safe, strong and self-reliant.
  • Opportunities to make a difference in the lives of children and to create a more child-friendly community.
  • Opportunity to participate and be active with a dynamic team of social service providers.
  • Work experience to enhance the strength of your resume.
  • On-going support, supervision and recognition.
  • Opportunity to be considered for employment with Family Tree.


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