Members of the Family Tree Next Generation Committee, commonly referred to as Next Gen, work to create an awareness amongst their peers about the work of Family Tree and the need for education around child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness, along with: 

  • Creating brand awareness about Family Tree

  • Developing the next generation of philanthropic leaders through speakers, education and resources

  • Encouraging volunteerism and community engagement

  • Fundraising and future engagement in Family Tree (Board of Directors, Committees, etc.)

  • Understanding and sharing community impact and challenges surrounding Family Tree’s mission

  • Developing a network of community minded individuals who are supportive of the mission

Next Gen committee members assist in driving the future of this committee including education efforts, events, volunteer projects and more. The committee is comprised of 15-20 members from varying backgrounds, locations, genders, ethnicities, etc.

Have questions? Interested in joining Next Gen? Contact us!